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2012-07-14 01:50:43 by Krebskopf

It's Zombie Princess Saturday!

So my foul organs released THIS today, so please do my organs (organzos? orgies? idk) a favour and go check it out.


In need of a experienced actionscripter

2011-07-18 22:07:39 by Krebskopf

I've been playing with the concept of a game that combines two popular types of flash games; Platformer and Tower Defense.

The rough idea is that you guide a character through an environment that when night falls, is overrun by hostile creatures [haven't set in stone any specifics, sounds like zombies but they're over done].

The two game types are established by night and day.

Here are some really quick mockups I did of;

[b]DAY; [/b]The day time levels play out like a standard platformer with an emphasis on collection. During this mode, the player needs to quickly traverse and collect resources before night fall.

The 'resources' (think ammo, weapons, steel/wood) collected during the Day are then used to help the player during the next phase...

[b]NIGHT;[/b] The night time levels are a result of the character fortifying a position and defending themselves from the hostiles over the night. I'd imagine they'd play out like a general tower defense game. Reminds me a little of Minecraft now I think of it?

This is the rough idea in a nutshell. I'm putting this forth to see what you guys think about it, and if I decide to begin working on it; if anyone would be my coding love child on this project.

Aesthetically, I want to use simple graphics will bold colours, which i aimed for in the mockups but obviously need a lot of work.

In need of a experienced actionscripter

Oh also, check out my new, shitty flash:


So I've been working on and off for some months now, but I'm definitely taking my time with this and I think that the hard work put in will show in the finished product.
As well as probably being my best-looking flash project so far I'd say it'd definitely have to be one of the longest, too. I've completed just under two scenes and it already runs for 4 minutes. So I feel both quality and quantity are there, all I need to do is to keep working on it!

Oh right, yeah, forgot to mention what it's about; it's a Lock movie with zombies. This will also be my last lock flash so I want to be killer.

Here's a little montage of screen-shots taken from what I've completed so far.

All feedback and comments are greatly welcomed and appreciated! (:

Rreview of 'ZOMBI', my largest project to date!


2007-07-29 04:45:06 by Krebskopf

I have very bad posture